The IMPACT of Education for an FIDF Soldier

This past May, Israel passed the “Absorption of Discharged Soldiers Bill,” which now entitles each IDF combat soldier funding from the government, covering 75% of a public college or state university tuition (roughly $2,400 per year). This is a significant step in the recognition of the service provided by combat soldiers and reinforces the support that FIDF has been providing through its IMPACT! Scholarship Program over the last 20 years. Most importantly, this bill – coupled with the IMPACT! Program – will enable more soldiers than ever to pursue higher education.

Since the inception of the IMPACT! program over 20 years ago, more than 18,000 combat and combat support veterans have received life-changing college scholarships from FIDF. The tremendous success of IMPACT! demonstrated the need for greater scholarship opportunities and paved the way for the Israeli government legislation.

The new funding from the Israeli government will now expand educational opportunities to more IDF soldiers. IMPACT! will supplement that funding, providing greater assistance to combat and combat support soldiers in need enabling them to pursue higher education without having to worry about making ends meet.

Year after year, the need for scholarship support continues. Living and tuition costs have significantly increased since 2002. With the help of the government of Israel and the support of IMPACT! donors, our hope is that every veteran can be granted the opportunity to pursue their dreams.